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National Firearms Act Weapons Classified AS C&R

SECTION IV: National Firearms Act Weapons Classified
As Curios Or Relics Under 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44

The Bureau has determined that the following National Firearms Act weapons
are curios or relics as defined in 27 CFR 178.11 because of their dates
of manufacture. These National Firearms Act weapons, classified as curios
or relics, are still subject to all the controls under the National Firearms
Act. However, licensed collectors may acquire, hold, or dispose of them
as curios or relics subject to the provisions of 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44
and 27 CFR Part 178. They are still "firearms" as defined in
the National Firearms Act and 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44.


Alarm Pistol, S/N IRS-3591, cal. .22 rimfire, marked Patent Pending about
1883, which rings an alarm bell and also fires a cartridge when set to
do so.

* Armalite, AR 10, 1955, cal. 7.62mm NATO submachinegun, made by the Armalite
Div. Of Fairchild Engine & Airplane Co., Costa Mesa, CA prior to 1961.

* Armalite AR-15, .222 Remington or.223 cals., produced by Armalite.

* Armalite AR-15, Model 601,.223 cal., mfd. by Colt. Must be marked "Armalite."

* Armalite, AR-18, selective fire rifle, cal. .223, prod. by Armalite, Costa
Mesa, CA.

* Astra, models 901, 902, and 903, selective fire pistols, cal. 7.63mm (.30

* Astra, model F, selective fire pistol, caliber 9mm Bergmann.

* Azul, selective fire pistol, cal. 7.63mm (.30 Mauser), copy of Mauser
model 1896 pistol.

* Australian, Austen MK I and MK II Submachineguns, cal. 9mm, mfd. in Australia
prior to 1946.

* Australian, Owen MK I and MK II Submachineguns, cal. 9mm, mfd. in Australia
prior to 1946.

* Austrian, Swartzlose machinegun, model 1905 and 1907/1912, cal. 8mm.

* Austrian, Steyr-Solothurn model MP-30 and MP-34 submachineguns as originally
mfd. by Steyr-Daimier-
Puch of Steyr-Austria, prior to 1946.

* Auto Ordnance, WWII commemorative Thompson model 1928, caliber .45.

* Auto Ordnance, Korean War Commemorative Thompson model 1928, cal. .45.


Benet Mercie, machine rifle, model 1909 (French and American manufacture),
caliber 8mm Lebel or .30.

* Boys, MK1, caliber .55 , anti-tank rifle.

* Brevettata, model F.N.A.- B 1943,
submachinegun, cal. 9mm
parabellum,with an 8" barrel, S/N 5391.

* Browning automatic rifle (BAR), model 1918A2, mfd. by New England Arms
Corporation prior to 1946.

* Bren, light machineguns, any model, any cal., British Commonwealth manufacture.

* British, Lanchester (Lancaster) Mk 1 and Mk 1, 9mm, submachineguns mfd.
in England during World

War II.

* British Model 1903, 4.5 inch howitzer.

* British, STEN submachineguns Mk. I, Mk. II, Mk. III, Mk. IV and Mk. V,
cal. 9mm, original British

Commonwealth Military issue only.


Canadian, EX1 and EX2 experimental series of the FN FAL in cal. 7.62mm
NATO, as mfd. By Fabrique

Nationale, Herstal, Belgium, for the Canadian Government.

* Cane Gun, cane with horn handle, silver tipped, wood covered steel, breech
loading, smooth bore barrel,

cal. .32 centerfire, S/N IRS-5834.

* Cane Gun, English walking stick, bamboo covered steel rifled barrel with
horn handle, caliber .38 centerfire, S/N IRS-3589.

* Cane Gun, cal. .410 centerfire, S/N IRS-3587.

* Chinese mfd. copy of the U.S. 60mm mortar mfd. prior to 1946.

* Chinese, Type 24 (Maxim) machinegun, cal. 7.92mm, Chinese manufacture.

* Chinese, Type 26 light machinegun.

* Colt, machinegun, model 1895, any caliber.

* Colt, machinegun, model 1914, any caliber.

* Colt, model MG38 and MG38B, water cooled machinegun any cal. mfd. by Colt.

* Colt, model 1919 auto rifle.

* Colt, Model 1921, Model 1921A1, Model 52, and Model 52A, .50 cal., water-cooled
machinegun, as originally mfd. by Colt and bearing the original S/N with
the letter "C" prefix.

* Colt, Monitor model machine rifle, cal. 30-06, commercial version of the
BAR, 18" barrel, vertical pistol grip, Cutts compensator, mfd. by

* Crescent, Certified Shotgun .410 gauge, with 12-1/4" barrel and pistol

* Czechoslovakian, model ZB 26 and ZB 30 light machinegun.

* Danish HOVEA M1949, 9mm parabellum, produced in Denmark.

* Danish, Madsen machineguns, all models produced prior to 1946; all calibers.

* Danish, Madsen, model 1946, submachineguns.

* Danish, Madsen, model 1950, submachineguns.

* Degtyarev RPD Light Machine Gun, 7.62 x 39mm caliber, mfd. in the Soviet
Union, the People's Republic of China, or the People's Republic of Korea
(North Korea).

* Degtyarev-PTRD 1941, 14.5mm anti-tank rifle.

* Egyptian "Port Said" version of the Swedish Model 45B, 9mm cal.,
produced in Egypt.

* Enfield, military bolt action rifle cut-a-ways, having barrels of less
than 16".


Fabrique Nationale, model BAR, full automatic rifle, all cals., as mfd.
by Fabrique Nationale, Herstal, Belgium.

* Federal Laboratories, 12 Gauge Gas Billy, all variations.

* French, 25mm anti-tank cannon SA-L mil. 1937, commonly known as French
models 34 SA and 37A.

* French, Chatellerault model 1924/29 machineguns, cal. 7.5mm.

* French, C.S.R.G. (Chauchat) machinegun model 1915, cal. 8mm Lebel.

* French, C.S.R.G. (Chauchat) machinegun, model 1918, cal. .30.

* French, model MAS 1938, sugmachinegun, caliber 7.65mm Long.

* French, model MAT 49, submachinegun, caliber 9mm.

* French, model 1897 75mm breechloading cannon of French and American manufacture,
in 1899 or later.

* French, model 37, 5Omm (1.97 in.) mortar - also designated as a German,
model 203(f), 5cm (1.97 in.) mortar.

* French, model 34 SA and 37A, antitank cannon 1937 in 25mm.

* French, model 1934 M39 (Mle 34 K39), cal. 7.5 x 54mm, aircraft machinegun.

* Franchi, model 1962 Semiautomatic carbines, caliber 9mm.

* French, St. Etienne machinegun, model 1907, caliber 8mm. Lebel.

* Finnish, Tampelia (original), model 1938, caliber 81mm mortars.


German, assault rifles selective fire, produced during 1941 through 1945,
in caliber 7.92mm Kurz (7.92 x 33mm).

* German, Bergmann model 1915 water cooled machinegun, caliber 7.92mm.

* German, Bergmann model 1915, an air cooled machinegun caliber 7.92mm.

* German, Bergmann, MP-34, 9mm, machine pistol.

* German, Bergmann, MP-35/1, 9mm, machine pistol.

* German, BUCO hand firing device, caliber 12mm (.44 cal.).

* German, Dreyse model 1918 water cooled machinegun, cal. 7.92mm.

* German, Erma (EMP), or MPE, 9mm, machine pistol.

* German Flak 30, 2cm anti aircraft machinegun.

* German, Gast machinegun, caliber 7.9mm.

* German, FG42 Parachutists rifle, cal. 7.92mm, mfd. prior to 1946.

* German, MG 15 anti aircraft machinegun 7.92mm made before 1945.

* German, MG 15 machineguns, cal. 7.92mm, made prior to 1945.

* German mfd., Model MP3008 submachinegun, cal. 9mm Luger, produced in Germany
c. 1944-1945.

* German MP41 submachineguns, cal. 9mm parabellum, mfd. by C.G. Haenel,
Suhl, Germany during WWII. (Original WWII German production only).

* German Minenwerfers, having fixed firing pins, spring or hammer actuated
striker, any cal., any model, mfd. prior to 1919.

* German, 15cm Nebelwerfer, 41 (150-mm) Rocket Launcher.

* German, Parabellum machinegun, model 1913, 1914 and LMG 14/17, caliber

* German, Raketenpanzerbuchse 43 (8.8cm, RPzB43), model 43, 88mm Rocket

* German, Raketenpanzerbuchse 54 (8.8cm, RPzB54), model 54, 88mm Rocket

* German, Schmeisser, MP-28/II, 9mm machine pistol.

* German, Steyr-Solothurn, 9mm machine pistol.

* German, MG 34 light machinegun, cal. 7.92mm.

* German, MG 42 light machinegun, produced prior to 1946, cal. 7.92mm.

* German, MG 131 machineguns, all models, all calibers, mfd. before 1946.

* German, MP 18-1, submachinegun, cal. 9mm parabellum.

* German, MP 38 submachinegun, cal. 9mm parabellum, mfd. by B. Geipel (Erma)
prior to 1941.

* German, MP 40 submachineguns, cal. 9mm, mfd. from 1940-1945 for the German
military forces.

* German, 7.5cm Pak 40 anti-tank gun (75mm).

* German, 7.5cm Pak 39 anti-tank gun (75mm).

* German, 7.5cm Stuk assault gun (75mm).

* German, 7.5cm Kw.K 40 tank gun (75mm).

* German, 8mm MG 81 and MG 81Z aircraft Machineguns.

* German, 15/20mm MG 151 Aircraft Machineguns (all variations).

* German, 30mm MG 108 Aircraft Machineguns/Cannons.

* German, 13mm Rheinetal-Borsig model 131, Aircraft Machineguns (all variations).

* German 37 mm Rheinmetall Borsig anti tank guns mfd. prior to 1946, including
the following variations or designations: German issue 3.7cm PAK 35, PAK
35/36, PAK 36, Swedish 3.7cm PvKan m/38, Italian 37mm Cannone contracarro
da 37/45 [captured designation 3.7cm PAK 162(I)], Russian 37mm Protivotankovaya
Pushka obrets 1930 [captured desgination 3.7 PAK158(r)], Dutch 37mm Rheinmetall
[captured designation 3.7 cm PAK 153(h)], and Japanese 37mm Type 97 (PAK36
purchassed by Japan).

* H&A A. Company, 16 gauge, set gun.

* H&R Reising Model 55, submachineguns, caliber .45 ACP, manufactured
by Harrington and Richardson,
Worcester, MA, prior to 1946.

* Harrington and Richardson (H&R) Handy Guns, smoothbore pistols, mfd.
at Worcester, MA, all calibers, all barrel lengths, having an overall
length of less than 26 inches.

* Harrington and Richardson (H&R) Handy guns, with shoulder stock, mfd.
at Worcester, MA, having a smoothbore barrel less than 18 inches in length,
or having a rifled barrel less than 16 inches in length.

* High Standard, USA model HD, .22 1r cal. pistols, originally equipped
with silencers for issue to the OSS and other military agencies, S/N range

* Hotchkiss Field Cannon, Model 1909, 37mm caliber, S/N IRS 3857.

* Hotchkiss, light machinegun, British model 1909 Mark I and Mark I, caliber

* Hotchkiss, models 1897, 1900 and 1914 machineguns of French mfd. in all


Ingram Models 6 and 7, various cals., produced by Police Ordnance Company.

* Ingram Models 8 and 9, various cals., produced in Thailand.

* Italian, Breda model 1930 machineguns, all calibers.

* Italian, Breda Safat, model 1935, 7mm aircraft machinegun, mfd. by Societa
Anonima Ernesto Breda, Brescia, Italy, prior to 1946.

* Italian, Breda model 1937 heavy machinegun, caliber 8mm.

* Italian, Cannone anticarro e d'accompagnamento 47/32 M1935, cal. 47mm,
all variations and manufacturers.

* Italian, Fiat Revelli model 1935 machinegun, caliber 8mm.

* Italian, Model TZ-45, cal. 9mm submachineguns mfd. before 1946.

* Italian, model 38A, 9mm parabellum submachinegun, mfd. by Pietro Beretta
SpA, Gardone-val Trompia, Italy, prior to 1946.

* Italian, model 38/42, 9mm parabellum, by Beretta SpA, Gardone-val Trompia,
Italy prior to 1946.

* Italian, Revelli model 1914 machinegun, caliber 6.5mm.

* Italian, Scotti machineguns, all models, all calibers, mfd. Before 1946.

* Italian, Villar Perosa submachinegun, model 1915, 1916 and 1917, cal.
9mm parabellum.

* Ithaca, "Auto and Burglar Guns," mfd. by Ithaca Gun Company
from 1922, to 1933, all original guns.

* Ithaca Auto & Burglar Gun, 28 gauge, S/N 354442, mfd. in 1921 or 1922.


Japanese, (model 1921 Browning Type), aircraft fixed machinegun, cal.

* Japanese, experimental submachinegun "Bullpup" caliber 8mm Nambu.

* Japanese, model 10 and 89, 50 mm grenade dischargers.

* Japanese, model 38 Field Cannon.

* Japanese, model 94, 37mm gun mfd. prior to 1946.

* Japanese, model 94, 37mm gun, mfd. prior to 1946.

* Japanese, modified Bergmann (SIG), submachinegun, cal. 7.63mm, featuring
bayonet mounting lug.

* Japanese, M1932 76mm Battalion Pack Howitzer.

* Japanese, Type 1 (1941), aircraft flexible machinegun, cal. 7.92mm, twin
barrel type.

* Japanese, Type 3 (1927), heavy machinegun, cal. 6.5mm. twin barrel type.

* Japanese, Type 11 (1922) light machinegun, all variations, caliber 6.5mm.

* Japanese, Type 38 (105) machinegun (Hotchkiss) cal. 6.5mm.

* Japanese, Type 89 (1929) Vickers pattern machineguns, cal. 7.7mm.

* Japanese, Type 91 (1931), tank machineguns (modified Type 11), cal. 6.5mm.Japanese,
Type 92 (1932), heavy machinegun, Hotchkiss pattern cal. 7.7mm.

* Japanese, Type 92 (1932), light machinegun or aircraft machinegun, Lewis
pattern, cal. 7.7mm.

* Japanese, Type 92 (1932), tank machinegun, caliber 13.2mm.

* Japanese, Type 93 (1938), aircraft machinegun cal. 7.29mm.

* Japanese, Type 94, 37mm gun, mfd. prior to 1946.

* Japanese, Type 96 (1936), light machinegun cal. 6.5mm.

* Japanese, Type 97 (1937), tank machinegun, cal. 7.7mm.

* Japanese, Type 97, 20mm Anti-Tank machinegun.

* Japanese, Type 98, 7.92 aircraft machinegun, Japanese mfd. prior to1946.

* Japanese, Type 99 (1939), light machinegun, all varieties, cal. 7.7mm.

* Japanese, Type 100 (1940), aircraft flexible machinegun, cal. 7.92mm,
twin barrel type.

* Japanese, Type 100 submachinegun, caliber 8mm Nambu, all varieties.

* Japanese, 12.7 (13) mm Browning HO-103 machineguns.

* Japanese, 20mm Browning Aircraft HO-5 machineguns/cannons.

* Japanese, 20mm Oerlikon model 99, machineguns/cannons.

* Japanese, 30mm Browning Aircraft HO-155 Type 1, machineguns/cannons.

* Japanese, 30mm Browning Aircraft HO-155 Type 2, machineguns/cannons.

* Japanese, 37mm Browning Aircraft HO-204 machineguns/cannons.

* Japanese, 40mm Caseless Aircraft machineguns/cannons.


Lahti, model 39, caliber 20mm anti-tank rifle.

* Lewis, light machinegun (American or British manufacture), caliber .303
or .30.

* Lovelace Fur Getter; patented by C.D. Lovelace, June 2, 1914, mfd. by
Hopkins and Allen Company, Norwich, CT, 12 gauge.

* Luger, Mauser commercial manufacture, semiautomatic pistol, 75 Jahre,
Parabellum-Pistol, Mod. Karabiner, Commemorative, caliber 9mm, accompanied
by a carbine type shoulder stock.


Madsen light machineguns, Series A, all calibers, mfd. in Denmark between
1936 and 1956.

* Marble's Game Getter, Firearms, with a combination of .44 cal. or .410
gauge smooth bore and .22 cal. barrels, both lst and 2nd models, with
barrel lengths of less than 18", mfd. by the Marble Arms Corporation
of Gladstone, MI, prior to 1943.

* Marlin, aircraft machinegun, model 1917 and 1918, caliber .30.

* Marlin, U.S. model 1917, ground machinegun, caliber 30/06.

* Marlin, tank machineguns, model 1918 caliber .30.

* Mauser, mfd. Schnellfeuer selective fire pistols and all original prototypes,
cal. 7.63mm Mauser.

* Maxim, machineguns of German manufacture, all models and cals.

* Maxim, machineguns produced by Maxim Nordenfeldt and Vickers Sons and
Maxim from approximately 1885 through 1908, all calibers.

* Maxim, machineguns, Russian model 1905, Russian manufacture having a brass
water jacket in caliber 7.62mm, Russian rimmed.


Oerlikon, MG-FF and MG-FFM, 20mm aircraft cannon.

* Oerlikon, 20mm Automatic Cannon, all variations mfd. in the United States
prior to 1946.


* Phoenix Cartridge Company, Model PCMP submachinegun, caliber 9mm or
.45, serial number 2.

* Pipe Pistol, S/N 420, cal. .22 rimfire (word "pipe" means smoking
tobacco type).

* Pipe Pistol, S/N IRS-3579, cal. 7mm centerfire, marked drgm Bucksom (word "pipe" means smoking tobacco type).

* Reinmetall MG17, 7.9mm aircraft machinegun.

* Reising, submachineguns U.S. model M-50, .45 cal., Harrington & Richardson
Arms, Worchester, MA, USA, Pat Pending.

* Rexer, original British made Madsen type light machineguns mfd. at the
British Arms Factory known as Rexer.

* Royal, selective fire pistol, cal. 7.63mm (.30 Mauser), copy of Mauser
model 1896 pistol.

* Russian, Degtyarev machineguns, models DA, DP, DPM, DT, and RP46, caliber

* Russian, model 1910 (Maxim), machinegun, any cal., Russian manufacture.

* Russian, model PPD 1943/38 and PPD 1940, submachineguns, cal. 7.62mm,
original Russian manufacture.

* Russian, 50mm Mortar Launcher.

* Russian, PSH41, 7.62mm submachineguns and all copies/variations produced
in the Communist Bloc

countries prior to mid 1950's.

* Russian, PPS42, submachineguns, caliber 7.62mm.

* Russian, PPS43 submachineguns, cal. 7.62mm mfd. in the Soviet Union prior
to 1946.

* Russian, model SG43 heavy machinegun, cal. 7.62mm, Russian manufacture.Russian
(U.S.S.R.), Federov, automatic rifle, model 1916 AVF (Avtomat), cal. 6.5
x 5O.5SR (6.5mm Japanese), of Russian manufacture.

* Russian (U.S.S.R.), Simonov, automatic rifle, model 1936 AVS (AVS36),
cal. 7.62 x 64R, of Soviet manufacture.

* Russian (U.S.S.R.), Tokarev, automatic rifle, model 1940 AVT (AVT40),
cal. 7.62 x 54R, of Soviet manufacture.

* Russian (U.S.S.R.), Stechkin, automatic pistol, model APS, cal. 9 x 18
(Makarov), of Soviet manufacture.

* Sedgley, Glove Pistol .38 centerfire, S/N IRS-3580, single shot, marked
MK2S, mfd. by Sedgley, Philadelphia, for the U.S. Marines.

* Simonov-PTRS 1941, 14.5mm anti-tank rifle.

* Smith & Wesson, Model 76 submachineguns, 9mm parabellum caliber, all
serial numbers, originally

manufactured by Smith & Wesson prior to 1975.

* Smith & Wesson, Model 76 submachinegun, cal. 9mm parabellum, S/N range
from U100 to U6100.

* Solothurn Maschinengewehr, Model 38 (MG38), 7.92mm machinegun, mfd. between
1930 - 1935, by Waffenfabrik Solothur AG, Solothurn, Switzerland.

* Solothurn, models S18-100, S18-1000 and S18-1100 20mm semiautomatic, antitank

* Springer, .32 cal., Knife-Pistols, marked "C-16" and "C-12"
on the left and right extractors, respectively, with "BAZAAR"
marked on the left side of the blade. Some devices are marked "Solingen"
on the left side of the blade and "Made in Germany" on the other.

* * Springfield, .50 caliber M3 aircraft basic machinegun, serial number

* STAR, models AD, BD, MD, and PD, Selective Fire Pistols, any cal., produced
prior to 1953.

* Stevens, Offhand Number 35, .410 gauge shot pistols.

* Stevens, Auto Shot Number 35, .410 gauge shot pistols.

* Stoner, model 63 and 63A, machineguns, all variations, as originally manufactured
from 1963 through 1970.

* Suomi, model 26 and 31 submachinegun.

* Swedish, model 37 and 39 submachinegun.

* Swedish, Model 45, and Model 45B 9mm parabellum cal., produced in Sweden.

* Swedish, model M-42, 20mm recoilless anti-tank rifles.

* Swedish, 3.7mm Bofors anti-tank guns produced prior to 1946, including
the following variations and designations: Swedish Bofors, 37mm PvKan
34, Polish 37mm Armata przeciwpancerna wz. 36 (German captured designation
3.7 cm PAK 36(p), Danish 37mm antitank gun, designation unknown German
captured designation 3.7 cm PAK 157(d), and British Ordnance QF 37mm Mk.1.

* Swedish, model 21, 6.5mm, auto rifles mfd. prior to 1946.

* Swedish, model 37, 6.5mm, auto rifles mfd. prior to 1946.

* Swiss (Societe Industrielle Suisse) NKPO carbines, 7.65mm, with barrels
less than 16".


Thompson, model 1927, semiautomatic carbine, caliber .45 ACP.

* Thompson, submachineguns including all models, prototypes, & variations
actually mfd. in or before 1945.

* Thompson submachinegun, Model M1, .45 cal., mfd. by Auto Ordnance Corporation,
West Hurley, New York, between 1985 and 1986, having S/Ns from M100A to

* Thompson, model 1928, Korean War Commemorative submachineguns, cal. .45
produced by Auto Ordnance, West Hurley, NY.

* Tippman Arms Company, .22 cal. machinegun set, consisting of a Model 1919-A4,
S/N 333, Model 1917, S/N 333-A, Model .50 HB, S/N 333-B.

* Tippman Arms Company scale Browning Model 1917, water cooled,
cal. .22 machineguns.

* Tippmann scale, Browning Model 1919 and .50HB machineguns, caliber

* Trejo, selective fire machineguns, caliber .22, mfd. in Mexico, circa
1952 to 1972.


Umbrella Gun, 6 shot pepper box revolver with dagger attachment extending
from muzzle, combined with handle and umbrella, S/N 16, cal. .22 rimfire,
with markings Brevette PT, mfd. by Marquis de Fabrique, France.

* United Defense Supply Corporation, model U.D. 42, submachinegun, cal.
9mm parabellum, as mfd. by Marlin Firearms Company, New Haven, CT.

* * United States Field Gun, Model 1902, 3 inch caliber, produced prior
to 1916.

* U.S. Arms Company, knife pistol, cal. .22, mfd. prior to 1934.

* U.S. Browning machineguns (original), cal. .30, M1917 and M1917A1, mfd.
by Colt's Patent Firearms Company, New England Westinghouse Company, Remington
Arms, Union Metallic Cartridge Company, Rock Island Arsenal, High Standard
Company, Savage Arms Corporation, Buffalo Arms Corporation, Frigidaire,
AC Spark Plug, Brown-LipeChappin, Saginaw Steering Gear Division, and
Kelsey Hayes Wheel Company.

* U.S. Browning 1918 and 1918A2 BAR, mfd. by Colt, Winchester, Marlin Rockwell,
New England Small Arms, IBM, and Royal Typewriter.

* U.S. Browning model 1919, cal. .30, machineguns, produced by various U.S.
Government contractors prior to 1946, all variations.

* U.S. Browning model 1919A4 air cooled machinegun, produced by various
U.S. Government contractors prior to 1946, cal. .30.

* U.S. Carbine, cal. 30, M2, original U.S. Military issue, mfd. prior to
1946, and marked "M-2" on the receiver.

* U.S. Johnson models 1941 and 1944 light machineguns, cal. .30.

* U.S. M2 Browning, .30 cal. machineguns (ANM2), as mfd. by various U.S.
Government contractors prior to and during World War II.

* U.S. M 4 Survival Rifle, cal. .22 Hornet, as issued by the government,
mfd. in the United States and Canada by Harrington & Richardson Arms

* U.S. Maxim machinegun, model 1904, caliber .30.

* U.S. Model M3 and M3A1 submachinegun, cal. .45, original Guide Lamp or
Ithaca Gun Co. manufacture only, mfd. prior to 1954.

* U.S. M3 submachinegun, 9mm parabellum, as originally produced for the
U.S. Government, having no manufacturer's name or S/N and originallymarked
U.S. 9mm SMG on the left side of the magazine housing, original production

* U.S. model M6, 37mm, gun, produced prior to 1946.

* U.S. model T-48 assault rifles, caliber 7.62mm, mfd. by H&R.

* U.S. models Ml, M9 and M18, cal. 2.36" Rocket launcher (Bazooka)
and variations thereof.

* U.S. models 1915 and 1918 Vickers machineguns mfd. by Colt in cals. 30/06
or 11mm.

* U.S. Mortar (original), cal. 60mm, M1 and M2, with mount M2.

* U.S. M6 Survival rifle/shotgun, cal. .22/410 gauge, having 14-1/2" barrels, produced by various U.S.

Government contractors.

* * U.S. Pack Howitzer, Model M1-A1, 75mm caliber, S/N 336, manufactured
in 1941.

* U.S. Small Arms Company knife pistol, cal. .22 original manufacture produced
prior to 1934.

* U.S. 3" Anti-tank Gun, model M5.

* U.S. 37mm Antitank guns M3 and M3A1, produced by various U.S. Government
contractors prior to 1946.

* U.S. 76mm Tank Cannon, Models M1, M1A1, M1A2.Vickers commercial water
cooled machinegun, any configuration, any cal., British manufacture.


Vickers original military machineguns, all variations, all cals., mfd.
prior to 1946.

* Winchester model 92 Trapper carbines having barrel lengths of less than
16" (original Winchester manufacture only).