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Help Pass the Ammunition Accountability Act

The 2008 Legislative session has begun, and the Ammunition Accountability Act is being introduced across the country. Below is a summary of legislation that has been introduced throughout the United States. To view the bills' status click on the links to the individual bills.

Sample Legislation: The Ammunition Accountability Act

Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington.

2008 Legislation
Alabama Senate Bill 541

Arizona House Bill 2833

California Senate Bill 997 (Carried Over from 2007)

Connecticut Senate Bill 603

Hawaii House Bill 2392
Hawaii Senate Bill 2020
Hawaii Senate Bill 2076
Hawaii House Resolution 82-07
(Carried Over from 2007)
Hawaii Concurrent Resolution 104-06 (Carried Over from 2007)

Illinois House Bill 4258
Illinois House Bill 4259
Illinois House Bill 4269
Illinois House Bill 4349
Illinois Senate Bill 1095 (Carried Over from 2007)

Indiana House Bill 1260

Kentucky House Bill 715

Maryland House Bill 517

Mississippi Senate Bill 2286

Missouri Senate Bill 1200

New Jersey
New Jersey Assembly Bill 2490

New York
New York Assembly Bill 10259
New York Assembly Bill 6920 (Carried Over from 2007)
New York Assembly Bill 7300 (Carried Over from 2007)
New York Senate Bill 1177 (Carried Over from 2007)
New York Senate Bill 3731 (Carried Over from 2007)

Pennsylvania House Bill

 Rhode Island
Rhode Island Senate Bill 2742

South Carolina
South Carolina Senate Bill 1259

Tennessee House Bill 3245
Tennessee Senate Bill 3395

Washington House Bill 3359


2007 Legislation 
California Senate Bill 997
Hawaii House Resolution 82-07
Hawaii Concurrent Resolution 104-06
Illinois Senate Bill 1095
Maryland House Bill 1393
New York House Bill 6920
New York House Bill 7300
New York Senate Bill 1177
New York Senate Bill 3731